Cancellation Policy

  • Pay-in-Full memberships are nonrefundable unless a person isn’t able to continue by reason of death or permanent disability.

  • Annual monthly debit may break their contract due to moving, but must pay a $100 early cancellation fee.

  • Cancellation requests must be received by the 25th of the month to be effective for the start of the next month.

Payment Options

  • Annual Bank Draft – Pay through automatic debit on 2nd or 15th of each month. After twelve month contract, membership will automatically renew. Prorated first month of membership fee will be collected at time of application and agreement submittal. Starting the next full month, listed annual monthly fee will be automatically debited on your preference date of the 2nd or 15th of each month.” Initiation fee is included in monthly fee.

  • Annual Pay-in-Full – Pay by credit card, check, cash, or through payroll deductions for twelve consecutive months. Initiation fee is included in annual fee.

  • Month to Month – Pay in one lump sum for desired months or through monthly debit. Allows cancellation at any time. Initiation fee is charged during sign-up or reactivation.


Base Membership – provides access to the Community Center, group-x classes, fitness consultations, and CC workout program.


Premium Membership – includes all benefits of Base Membership, CrossEdge Training, Specialty classes/training, three personal training appointments 1st month, unlimited daycare, and 4 guest passes per year. Receive 10% discount on preferred client training package, Special Events, and After School Program (ASP).