imageThe Community Center offers a wide variety of water aerobic classes for people of all ages. 

The online group fitness class schedule allows you to search by Class Type, Class Name, and Instructor.  

Water Exercise Class
This class is designed to be simple, easy to follow, yet demanding. It will help tone every major muscle and get your heart rate going! We will improve your range of motion for your hips, knees, ankles, and shoulders. Class is held in the 4-ft section of pool, no swimming skills are required.

Arthritis Foundation Arthritic Program
This class is designed for people suffering from stiff joints, arthritis, and other joint disease. The Arthritic Program is a class that works on joint flexibility and range of motion at participants own pace. Each participant has a program set up specifically for him or her. For more information, please call Laurie Bunker at 256-7548.

H-2-O Aerobics
Class is designed for the person who wants a high intensity workout with little or no impact on the joints. The aerobic class combines toning and cardiovascular exercises in a fun and active group workout.